Liang Research Group
Lab for Printed and Wearable Electronics
  • Research Overview

    It is predicted that the printed andwearable functional electronics and devices will dominate the future. However,their development has been restricted by some critical issues including: shortof materials for functional ink formulating, lack of printable process forefficiency electronics and devices assembly and integration, trade-off betweenhigh performance and multifunctional. Our research group focuses on resolvingthe above interdisciplinary problems utilizing basic science and principle fromMaterials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Physics,Rheology and Electrical Engineering to enable innovative applications onnext-generation printed and wearable functional electronics and devices throughgreen, scalable and novel technology. Our approaches include:

    Design and develop polymer andnanocomposite based novel functional materials, study their structure-propertyrelationships, and understand their fundamental features for functional inkformulation.

    Elucidate the basic relationships amongink property-printer parameter-substrate surface chemistry to enable thedevelopment of efficiency printable process for high-resolution, scalable,inexpensive, and high-yield electronics and devices integration.

    Develop novel printed and wearabledevice applications with high performance and multifunction, includingthin-film transistor arrays, OPV, OLED, sensors, energy-storage devices,etc

Area of Interest